My EPiZ experience

Hello, I am Naomi Neumann, 20 years old. After my Abitur, I decided to study Theatre Therapy because I enjoy theatre, and psychology interests me. For the enrolment of this course, I needed an internship. This way, I came across EPiZ.

Initially working at EPiZ, a multifaceted organisation, was intimidating. I encountered different people, contexts, approaches and discussions. EPiZ provided me with the space to not just reflect, but also act on the issues at hand, like climate injustice, (post-)colonialism and globalisation by developing modules on climate justice, creating awareness among the young population, applying human-friendly technologies and reaching out through a free radio station (Freies Radio Wüste Welle, Tübingen; very impressive).

The tasks given were challenging in an exciting way because it made me question my attitude towards various political issues.

My experience at EPiZ helped me navigate my future by giving an insight to who I am, where I stand in this society and what I stand for.

This is an exposure I wish every young adult has!