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EPiZ - Information Centre for Development Education

... is a house of Global Learning and Education for Sustainable Development. Under its roof, many different projects work together and people meet. We are working mostly regionally in the state of Baden-Württemberg, but cooperate with numerous organisations and programmes also Germany-wide and internationally.

Global Learning

... means for us, to learn together in times of globalisation. We take a close look at global interconnections: Which role and responsibility do we have in global society? Critically and yet optimistically, we develop visions of a just and peaceful world, in which all beings and also natural resources are treated with care. And thus we discover possibilities to act now for shaping a just, peaceful and sustainable world.

Please note: As we are mainly working with target groups and partners in the German-speaking context, the English part of our website focuses mainly on our international cooperations and materials that we offer in English. For more information, feel free to contact us!


4 + 17 = Learning Sustainability Together BW-SL

Teilnehmerinnen eines Alphabetisierungskurses in einem Schulhof in Sierra Leone, in bunten Kleidern teils mit traditionellen und/oder muslimischen Kopftüchern, mit Koordinatorin Sigrid Schell-Straub

"4 + 17 = Learning Sustainability Together BW-SL", is a cooperation project with our Sierra Leonean partner organisation SLADEA. We connect school classes and initiatives in Baden-Württemberg with adult education centres in Sierra Leone, to engage in educational partnerships. Click here for the project.

"DEAL with it!" - Online Exhibition opens on 15.12.22

On 15.December, we and our partners of the project DEAL with it! will open the online exhibition with the results of youth engaging in climate politics throughout 2022. Engaging with scientists, activists and politicians, they developed and discussed their demands with regards to EU climate politics, which will be introduced in the exhibition. Register here to join the event!


Logo des Chats der Welten

The programme "CHAT between WORLDS" organises exchange and mutual learning between classes and groups in the Global South and Germany. If you are interested to set up a "CHAT", find out more here!